Who We Are

Bio_Sandy2Sandy Beck grew up in Rochester, MN under the loving care of her two amazing parents and with her three precious sisters. After college she spent 18 plus years working in the corporate world for a well-known private company and where she invested her time and talents, and gained years of experience in various areas of business. By God’s divine hand, she now owns a graphic design company in Mankato, MN and looks forward to being a part of what the Lord is doing all over the earth. Now, in the season of moving forward and putting hands and feet to the plow, she is devoted to engaging the hearts of others and bringing people together to touch lives both locally and around the globe. She believes that we can do more and were meant to do more as a family, showing sincere love and care for one another. People are the only things from earth that end up in heaven, why not care about what He cares about most!

Board of Directors
President, Sandy Beck
Vice-President, Tyra Laughlin
Treasurer, Emmanuel Asamoa
Secretary, Elizabeth Lawler