Expect a Miracle



Theirs’ is a miracle story of teenage parenting, crack cocaine, alcohol and street drug addiction. His addiction caused theft, vandalism and leaving for days on a “binge”. Enduring the hurt and pain, his wife began using marijuana and when that “wasn’t enough” became addicted to meth. A young couple with no direction, struggling, abusive, and bound by the entanglements of sin, they tried to find help but were always left in emptiness. One day, they walked through the doors of what was soon to become a life changing experience with Jesus Christ and found the meaning of life through salvation in the Lord. Their chains were broken and the emptiness was filled. That experience birthed a heart for the lost, the dying and the broken among them. They soon opened their doors and began working with people who needed hope, direction and new life in Christ.

The ministry of Expect a Miracle is a home and discipleship program for those who are overcome by drugs, alcohol, lifestyles that have left them weary, empty and miserable. Foundations are being formed through a new Christ-centered life of discipline, prayer, praise, worship, bible studies and serving.  It is a place where men and women break free from their hopeless, meaningless, tired existence into a holy calling.

I love the heart behind this ministry and how out of the ashes God called a couple from the dark road they were on, so He could use them to bring light to others on the same path. It’s so precious the way His hand guides us even in the midst of our own darkness; even when we cannot see the light inside us. This ministry brings out the hope and calling of each person, whether it’s the outcast or the wanderer.

January’s Blessing will be to support the needs of this ministry as they continue to accept and help as many people as they can. They are in need of hygiene supplies, bibles, notebooks, pens and other resources to further the education and equipping of each one who walks through their doors.

Please join us in prayer for Expect a Miracle Ministries. That they would continue to find encouragement in the Lord, that God would show up in their studies, on the streets, in their worship and their hearts would be made full of His love and acceptance in all circumstances. We pray unexpected favor to come from the Lords’ hands and that 2017 would be a year of great growth and future vision.


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