L.I.F.E: Re-Entry Program


According to the National Institute of Justice, 67.8% of prisoners are rearrested within 3 years of release; and of those rearrested; more than half were rearrested by the end of the first year. Faith-based prison re-entry programs have been shown to reduce the rates but 50-60%! This month we are reaching out to those who need of a second chance and all the tools it takes to help them succeed.

Bringing the hope of Christ, combined with teaching life skills is the vision of L.I.F.E Inc. (Leading Inmates in Faith & Education) out of Pennsylvania. Their program focuses on spiritual and developmental growth to bring about a successful re-entry to society. “Transforming the inmates thought lives from criminal thinking to responsible thinking is the theme of our life-giving program!”

The L.I.F.E. curriculum is a four-part series of re-entry skills teaching men and women how to live under and obey authority, create a healthy work ethic, live and love as disciples of Christ, and speak effectively in all occasions. It provides character-building skills, coping skills, and lessons of maturity in the activities of daily life, preparation of the mind, body, and spirit prior to release. L.I.F.E began in 2013 and has seen over 3000 people graduate from their program. God makes the difference!

With our prison systems beyond capacity and broken lives that need restoration and new hope, the calling to help transform these lives is far-reaching. It goes past the individual and presents change for their spouses, their children, their work life and the whole of society. Commendations go out to L.I.F.E for their years of sacrifice and obedience to the calling and vision of the Lord. May the Lord continue to direct, encourage, and bring forth many lives changed through you. May you see 2017 become your year of favor and the fulfillment of your God-given dreams.

Learn more about our February Blessing at: http://www.reenteringlife.org

If you haven’t already, please join us this month to start impacting lives in difficult circumstances. Your monthly gift of even $5, combined with many others, will encourage our brothers and sisters in their calling and vision, change the lives of those they serve, and bring renewed hope to hurting people. It takes 2 minutes to be a part of leaving a legacy!


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