Tangible Blessings


Do you ever get tired of thinking about yourself? Many days I catch myself mulling over my own issues, relationships, concerns, purpose, job, family, needs, why things are the way they are, and the list goes on. Then I found the solution to all my self-pity and it’s the only thing that changes my heart, uplifts my soul and makes me feel good all over. The key is… serving and helping others!! Yep, that’s it. It’s just that simple… really. It’s actually the best remedy for sadness, heartache, hurt or confusion. Sharing your smile with someone else and watching them in their joy will never bring gloom to your heart. In fact, it most always will remove it and even refocus your thoughts in general to things that really matter.

Tangible Blessing is the theme of this month. On August 26th, we will be joining the efforts of another organization in Mankato, MN whose vision is to demonstrate love to the community. We are going to put our hands to the plow so to speak and love on people in tangible ways. We will share our love, our smiles, our hands at work and watch God move through us in order to encounter them. This event includes free clothing, free school supplies, games, bounce houses, live performances, face painting, free BBQ, and giveaways.

Be a Blessing is rooted in people and relationships. Our foundational three ‘Whys’ are the guiding reasons that we exist. (1) Because some things last forever, and some things do not… Matthew 6:20-21 (2) Because Christ desires for us to strengthen and uphold each other… Matthew 25:35-40 (3) Because as we bless others, we too are blessed… Proverbs 11:25

August 26th … WE NEED YOU!! Your presence, your laughter, your efforts, and your love is needed on this day to make it all come together. Be a Blessing will be supporting the event financially but we also need volunteers to come spend the day helping with clothes, school supplies, food, and events among other things. To volunteer your time for all or part of the day please click here to sign-up and let them know that YOU’RE ALL IN!

Take a minute to check out the event: www.loveinmankato.com and come have some fun with us!!


Be a Blessing is a fun and fulfilling way to touch lives all across the globe! This movement provides the opportunity to impact various people and causes every month. Each gift increases effectiveness and is used to bring hope and love to hurting people, and encourage organizations as they serve others. It takes 2 minutes to Be the Difference. Join the movement today!!

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