Water4Life – UPDATE!


Hi guys! I just received this message and update from Rudy at Water 4 Life Ministries. Below is a message from Lonny who just delivered 80 water filters to families in Peru. We’ll be getting more photos and stories from his other partners in Peru soon.

“Rudy, we stopped at the house that is serving as a distribution center and unloaded food and supplies. The mothers of the community gathered around and I showed them how to put the filters together and use it either with a bucket or a water bottle. These women were very excited to have filters. The flooding had severely contaminated their drinking water. They were having to boil their water or use tablets. They were out of tablets and their resources for boiling the water were extremely limited. They were so happy to use the filters to provide clean drinking water for their families.

We also went to a village where we helped set up a first aid clinic. This clinic will serve 2000 villagers with emergency medical situation. The water quality was questionable so we taught them how to use the filters. The nurse running the clinic was very relieved and excited to have the filters for her clinic.

We went to a women’s organization that was working together to improve their community. When I explained what the filter was they immediately saw its value and were so grateful for your generosity. They will use the filters to help teach the importance of clean water to the rest of the community.

Thank you again for your support!  Lonny”

I love hearing straight from the field! This is where our May Water Filter Blessing will be going… so fun to be used to shed smiles on others. We need a few more filters to meet our goal of 25, so if it’s possible for you… send a filter to Peru!

Blessings to you, Sandy


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