We have a Winner!


Greetings to all new and old alike! This past weekend we had an awesome time connecting with women at a conference in St. Cloud, MN. I so loved meeting all of you and sharing with you the heart behind what God is doing through Be a blessing.

My great desire is for people to know that God needs them and they have a place to impact lives all around the world and that it doesn’t take much. When God gave me this vision to sow into faith-based non-profits to be a part of what He was doing through them, I didn’t realize how much of an encouragement we would be to the leaders of these organizations as well. I wanted to gather a group of like minded-people to help push forth Kingdom things at a faster rate, by partnering with what God was already establishing and wanting to accomplish. Little did I know the feedback from the leaders would be so moving on my heart. We are an unexpected group of people that God brings to them out of no where… just so God can say “I see you, I’m with you, and I still believe in my vision for you“. Ugh… the hope that brings to the people in the trenches everyday is priceless.

One of these leaders, Diane, recently said to me… “wow, I’ve never heard of something like this before“. Then I immediately heard God say to me… “See, I am doing a new thing.” God is always doing new things and how grateful we are to be used by Him. People are hurting all around us… God is reaching out to them with His love, His grace and His healing… He just needs people to see what He’s doing and sow into it.

What is our ROI (return on investment) you may ask? Well, in the midst of the chaos, the back-biting, the negative reports, the demise of our culture and the brokenness in our own lives… we receive joy unspeakable as we learn about and invest in the beautiful things in this world that don’t get much attention. The thousands of ways that God is pouring out His heart on our lands.

Our heavenly Father hasn’t gone anywhere guys!! Lets look for the tree in the midst of the forest and we will see His powerful, yet very personal, hands at work.

Check out our “The Why. The What. The How” video!

A testimony from one of our own… “I am so happy to partner with Be a Blessing. I am grateful to the leadership that they provide in finding much needed relief in smaller ministries that I would not normally know about or be able to help. I mostly appreciate the touching follow-up stories that explain where the money was expended so that we know in a very personal way how we are touching other lives by the word of God.  – Amanda”


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