Casa Dayspring Orphanage


I was able to hear back from Casa Dayspring after the video was recorded so I thought there would be no better way to introduce this month’s blessing, except from the recipient himself! Hear directly from Roger (the director) below, on how much your blessing is going to impact their lives.

“Sam Lee had told me about your organization.  I am so thankful that you have considered our work at the children’s home. We started the home around 7 years ago and have grown rapidly once the news got out that we were there.  The needs are so great, and the children have had such a terrible past before they came.  Most come from a past of abuse and neglect and were placed with us by social services.  They will be with us until they are grown.  We operate a school at the home since most of the kids we receive have not been to school.  Many come at 8 – 12 years old and cannot read or write. We work toward getting the kids back into a public-school setting by high school.  We have three boys in college that were unable to read and write when they come to us 7 years ago. They also work at the house teaching the younger kids in our school.  We use a program from the government that takes the kids through middle school.

At the current time we have 23 children at the home ranging in age from 3 to 18, but we are so over capacity that we are having to turn children away every week.  Knowing the needs that our current children arrived with and the life they had before they came, it just breaks my heart to think we cannot help any additional children until we are in our new facility.  We are making great progress on the construction but as you noted the electrical service is still one of those needs that must be met before we are able to move in.  We spent the week painting and finishing up the wiring inside the building and are ready to connect to the power but need the service brought in from the highway and a transformer purchased and installed.  Your donation will help us do that.”

We will be donating finances to help with the electrical system within the new orphanage… Let there be light! Both in their hearts and in their building!

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