Medical Kits in Haiti


American’s have had much ado over the years regarding healthcare and medical ‘goods and bads’, so to speak. We have this opinion, that opinion, this statistic and that one. But, the reality is …. we HAVE medical care and there are certain regulations that prevent the turning away of patients in dire circumstances… not so in Haiti.

Haiti is a world without clinics and hospitals in every town… a world without medicine, without prenatal care, without pediatric medicine, or assistance for the elderly.  Children and adults die daily from fully preventable or treatable diseases like malaria, cholera, and tuberculosis.


  • Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.
  • Most Haitian people survive on $1 a day.
  • Haiti is the size of Maryland, but has double the population.
  • Haiti is less than 2 hours from Miami.
  • Poverty and devastation doesn’t prevent the people from praising God.

In the mountainous village of Montrouis, Haiti, there is no running water or electricity in homes. Water is retrieved from rivers with buckets and used for cooking, bathing, washing clothes, and drinking. Homes are made of cardboard, tar paper, and pieces of tin or plastic patched together. Medical care is a luxury but this month’s blessing, Life Connection Mission, does a great job at providing care both in clinics, as well as on the road through mobile medical units. Over the years they have provided care from basic clinic assistance to surgeries and life-saving procedures. The mobile medical trips are where we come in! We will be providing 33 medical kits for use in the field throughout the rural areas of the village. Giving much needed supplies as LCM volunteers head out to serve the people that are unable to reach the Montrouis clinic.

We’re so honored to be able to sow this little seed into an organization that has done so much, beyond just medical care, for the people of Haiti. May God continue to bless the hearts of those who serve in this ministry!

Check out their site for more information or to get involved:


Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! Striving to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and participating in His vision to transform hearts! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others.

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