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Human trafficking is a worldwide epidemic, a tragedy that affects women, men and children. Yet, we fail to recognize the vast number of males that are affected by this abusive phenomenon. Men and boys throughout the United States are trapped in modern day slavery with little options for recovery care. The movement of sex trafficking has brought large awareness to female victims, but males have largely been overlooked. Cultural stigmas paint an untruthful picture that boys and men who endure sexual harm must be willing participants. This understanding bypasses their need to identify as a victim seeking services. A study by The John Jay College and the Center for Court Innovation estimated that, in 2008, as high as 50% of the commercially sexually exploited (CSE) children in the United States were boys.

“I don’t want to live a pretty life, while others can’t even live”. This is what came to mind as I was reading about this month’s Blessing. They say pictures speak a thousand words but these 13 said it all as my heart was grieving. This July, we are fighting against human trafficking by partnering with an organization out of North Carolina called Restore One. Restore One is a ministry that seeks to open free shelters that offer faith-based residential recovery programs to American boys who are survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). Every survivor is treated as a unique individual. Their mission is to repair the damages sex trafficking has done and help them to regain their freedom and ability to reintegrate into society.

According to Shared Hope International 2012 Shelter Report, there are no long-term recovery safe homes within the United States designated solely for male DMST and CSE victims. Last fall when I found Restore One, they were in the process of building a home for boys called The Anchor House. The Anchor House will be their first shelter that provides refuge and restoration to 4 adolescent boys, ages 12–18. It is committed to providing residential care that is trauma sensitive, holistic and Christ-centered. Through the Anchor House program, these boys will not only identify as a mere survivor but as a victorious overcomer.

We believe strongly in this vital ministry and in what they have been laboring to establish. As they open their doors we want to be a part of the ground work! Before a refuge home can be opened, furnishings from bedding and bath to kitchen and living need to be in place. Restore One has created a register for items such as these. This month Be a Blessing will purchase items from this list to bless this organization and help them open the doors to The Anchor House next month!!

Take a minute to check out their website:

Thank you for opening your heart to be a part of the restoration to these precious boys. We pray that God will encounter them like only He can do. That He will bring deep healing in their minds and emotions and show them their great purpose in Christ. We ask for wisdom for the staff and direction for their future visions. Lord, be close to those in these horrific circumstances and help them to find their way out.


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