Home of New Life in Ramallah


Growing up in the U.S. and listening to an abundance of news and media tends to greatly influence your idea of places you have never been. When I would think of Ramallah in the West Bank, I had a clear picture of a war torn city with Palestinians fighting Israelis for generations.

The day I went to Ramallah in 2012, I was actually a bit nervous based on my media impressions. What I found was indeed a city that had seen its share of violence and conflict. Ordinary people having suffered much through the political and economic ups and downs in the West Bank. Children growing up under violent confrontation all around them and where a large percentage of the population is living below the poverty level.

However, in the midst of tough surroundings, I also found a place of refuge called Home of New Life. The Home of New Life provides a faith-based, safe environment to children through its residential program. They give educational assistance to more stable families still in need of financial help. The goal is to help the children grow in an environment full of love and support. To prepare them to an important and productive member of society. It was such a pleasure to meet the Kakish family and watch their interactions with the boys living in the home as a loving family.

What I’m very excited about is their new vision to launch a Community Center in the West Bank!! With a population of nearly 2.6 million and 35% of those being under the age of 14, they don’t want to miss this open door to witness and influence the next generation of leaders. New Life Community Center is looking to shine the light of Christ in the town of Ramallah—the “it” town of the West Bank. This center will provide a variety of programs and educational opportunities to all children in the area.

Much needed programs such as computer/internet, language arts, music, tutoring and sports, will build relationships and teach important life skills while relating Christ to the population. This month we will become a part of this dream and vision for the children of the West Bank. Sowing into a community center that will have far reaching effects on a generation for years to come!

“As God’s disciples, it is our privilege and responsibility to extend the love of Christ to the souls that are hungry for His truth and awaiting His salvation.” ~ Dr. Kakish.

I invite you to learn more about RCO Ministries in Ramallah.

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