Shoeboxes Across the Globe


November 2016 Blessing is an opportunity to bless a child in another part of the world directly with your own hands. You pick the gifts… they receive your blessing! Every year we partner with Samaritans Purse to pack and send shoeboxes that are sent globally to over 100 countries. The amazing journey of a Shoebox gift, begins with YOU and ends in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication. 1) You Pack and Pray over your box. 2) We collect it. 3) Boxes are Shipped. 4) Gifts are distributed. 5) Children receive The Greatest Gift, a colorful presentation of the Gospel in their own language. 6) The Good News of the love of Christ multiplies throughout the family, the villages, and churches.

What goes in a Shoebox? Click here to find out how to pack your box.
  1. Be a Blessing will pay the $7 suggested donation for shipping and processing unless you prefer to add the donation to your box. If you are local and would like to pack a shoebox, please drop it off at New Creation Church (1124 North River Drive, North Mankato, MN) by November 13th, and we will take care of the rest. Once the boxes are distributed we will let you know what countries our boxes were sent to.
  2. In addition to packing and sending our shoeboxes, any remaining finances will go to providing families with sustainable living gifts. This includes 1) Broods of chicks for food and income, 2) Wells for drinking water, 3) Goats for daily milk, 4) Fruit Trees for food and shade, 5) Sheep for warm wool and income.

What an incredible month!! All this we can do through your generous and compassionate hearts. Everyone giving just a little, exponentially increases what can be done as a whole!

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