Church Without Walls – Puerto Rico


Their story began on September 20th, 2017 as the day when everything changed. It was the day hurricane Maria destroyed their island of Puerto Rico, their worship pavilion, many of their other structures and everything they knew to be normal. With hearts broken and family lives in upheaval, this little church and its members stood strong.

Just last month another power outage hit the US island of Puerto Rico, effecting roughly 870,000 people. There are still about 100,000 people in the dark on a day-to-day basis after 7 months past the hurricanes. That got me thinking… I wonder how the churches are managing not only from their rebuild efforts but also with all the needs they see in their communities.

I found a church called ‘Church Without Walls’ and contacted them about how they are doing. Here was their response to us:

“Wow! We are so grateful you choose us!! Currently, we are raising funds to rebuild our sanctuary that hurricane Maria destroyed. We have been having service on the back deck of our schoolhouse since the main worship center was destroyed. It is a small area but, we are squeezing in and making due. With the loss of our main structure, we also lost all of the contents, sound equipment, everything in our kitchen, chairs and even all of our Bibles.

Although our worship structure was destroyed, we haven’t let it slow us downImmediately after the hurricane, we began giving out free meals to the public. It was a challenge. We each made a dish from home and had to get creative since none of us had utilities, but we knew we needed to help the community. Several of our members served in relief efforts throughout the island. Our church also raised over 100 toys and stocking stuffers that we gave out to needy children.

Currently, we are re-stocking our food pantry by partnering with local grocery stores. We are also looking for families in need of food that we commit to helping regularly. We also recently began going into the local high school once a week.

 We mentor the teens and provide them lunch. We hope to continue those encouraging mentor relationships through the summer. We want to be a church that supports the community in every way possible. We truly want to be the hands and feet of God in Puerto Rico.”  – Bambi W.

I wanted us to have a stake in the powerful future of this church body and the impact they are having on the people around them. Isn’t it super cool that we have opportunity to give someone else an opportunity! To plant a seed for future waters to grow…. that’s our aim this month.

Check out this awesome church body for yourself  Church Without Walls … !!


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