Homeless Youth Amid COVID-19


Sheltering in Place is inconvenient at times, it slows us down, and it keeps us from going and doing all the things we are used to occupying our time with. We miss seeing family and friends, attending events and many other activities. But what does ‘shelter-in-place’ mean to someone who doesn’t have a ‘place’ to shelter? This month we bless an organization reaching out to homeless youth in New York who are living on the streets, who are fearful of what’s happening and who have no place to isolate themselves. Hats off to these amazing people giving hope, care, faith and encouragement to thousands of youth across many cities of America.

This month we’ll be partnering with Covenant House in New York City by providing supplies and needed items for their youth shelter. I’ll be heading to their Amazon wish list and picking out a few things that they are in need of. In this time of turmoil and unrest, we can still reach out to bless organizations as they reach out to serve people in tough circumstances. What an amazing opportunity God has given us!

Watch the News Report interviewing the CEO of Covenant House… from FOX News:

Let’s pray for those on the front lines, those affected personally, and for the healing of this nation!

CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE!  www. covenanthouse.org

Touching someone’s life that you will never meet is one of the most self-less gifts you could ever give. Bless someone today… JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!


Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and to participate in His vision to transform hearts, so that they may know Him! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others. It doesn’t take much… Join us today!