Flood Relief in Louisiana


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Reaching out to Denham Springs, LA

The devastation in the wake of catastrophic flooding in Denham Springs, LA is almost unbelievable! I read the stories and looked at the pictures and tried to imagine what we would do if we lost absolutely everything in a moments notice. That’s why we have chosen to come alongside our fellow brothers and sisters there in a local church of about 200 people, who are tirelessly working to provide supplies, food, prayer, emotional support, and everything else you don’t think of until it happens. Thankfully, God spared the church building in order to be a safe house and a refuge of support, but the local church members were decimated in the flood. More than 40 members’ homes were flooded, along with all the other area residents. Many without flood insurance because they weren’t in a flood zone and it had never flooded. Many/most lost cars too – everything just gone, and no insurance to buy it back.

Those who are not dealing with damage of their own have been doing peoples’ laundry, serving thousands of hot meals, donating clothing, providing transportation and shelter, training classes for muddying out and cleaning up, giving away free mold killer and household supplies, and of course the intense amount of manual labor. The list could go on. I can’t imagine the emotional heartbreak involved in a disaster like this as well.

Oh, but God! We know the hand of God will guide them, sustain them and encourage their hearts through this difficult time. We pray that their faith would hold strong, that their relationship with the Lord would be strengthened and that God would show up mightily in their midst and show His grace upon their lives. That more will be drawn into His safe embrace and that love for others would be felt by all. Our part in this story is to strengthen and uphold each other (Matthew 25:35-40) even from miles away and to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in their great time of need. In a few weeks, we will be calling this local pastor asking what is needed most at that time. Maybe its household supplies, maybe its back to school items, maybe its clothing or cleaning products, or maybe its financial needs to go to various projects, etc. We will find the need and with your support we will do what we can to Bless their Hearts and send our love. Thank you for being a blessing!

Read about all the generous ways this church is helping others as the days a weeks of rebuilding continue. New Covenant Church


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