Christianity in Iran is growing


Iran’s government continues to be one of the most brutal regimes in the world today, but God continues to move! Christianity in Iran is growing through underground church networks at a faster rate than one might expect. As we know, media portrays only what they want us to see and rarely the inside facts. I am inspired to tell you a story about how God is moving in amazing ways within the country of Iran.

Online news articles (links below) began sparking my curiosity so I began searching for how we could get involved. That’s when I found an organization called Heart 4Iran! Heart 4Iran was birthed in 2014 to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Farsi speaking peoples of Iran and beyond. H4I brings new believers from the point of interest to a position of influence, engages the unreached to complete the Great Commission, and inspires partnership with the story of God’s love for the Iranian people. They currently work with over 100 partners to reach Christians in Iran. In 2018, they sent 1,980 printed Bibles into Iran through in-country partners and their call center has had over 700 daily engagements with viewers of their satellite TV network, Mohabat TV.

I was able to chat with Jessica from Heart 4Iran about their ideas, plans and a bit of their beginnings. She expressed so many amazing testimonies about what’s happening in Iran. They have the unique honor of providing resources and connections to people in these underground churches. It just blessed my heart! Here’s a quick testimony from their Call Center.

TESTIMONY – Fatemeh was a long-time isolated convert and had never dared to tell anyone she was a Christian, for fear of persecution. Her only connection to Christianity was with our satellite television network and 24-hour call center. After watching MyKelisa’s “Sermon on the Mount” series, she was convicted as to why she never went public with the wonderful work that Jesus did in her life. She then called the counselors and received regular prayer and guidance. Shortly after, she was arrested for communicating with us through social media. After she spent two weeks in jail, her faith was deeply strengthened. When her day in court came, the judge asked if she was a Christian. To her surprise, she proclaimed her faith in Jesus. The first time I proudly proclaimed my faith was in a court room of all places!”, she told us later. She bravely professed God’s works and later on told us that it was “the Holy Spirit that gave me the courage to do so.”

This summer, Heart 4Iran is embarking on a faith-filled initiative called the 2019 Summer Awakening! By August 31st, they are purposing to raise $750,000. These funds will allow them to intensify their efforts in making the Gospel more accessible to the people of Iran by:

  1. Increasing the number of secret, underground house churches in key cities inside Iran, to further the Gospel and discipleship for believers.
  2. Adding to the number of people manning their call center, allowing thousands more the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about Jesus and the Christian faith.
  3. Ramping up the distribution of Bibles in Farsi (their language) so that more and more people will come to know God’s Word and follow Christ.

THIS MONTH… your contributions will go to supporting these initiatives in Iran! Please click on the links below to find out more and to read about what God is doing. In the midst of darkness and pain, God is still moving and healing and showing Himself strong. Please pray for Christians that face such hard conditions that they would be protected and they would continue to find strength in their Faith. Pray for God’s love and hope to continue to penetrate these areas and for the hearts of people to find peace in His goodness!




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Thank you for all your prayers as we continue to bless others…. JUST BECAUSE WE CAN! 🙂


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