GROW Thailand, Kae Noi Orphanage


Insurgencies in Myanmar began shortly after the country, then known as Burma, gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. The ongoing conflict for the past 72 years has left a country and its people fleeing from war and destruction. Many children have lost their parents and loved ones and have witnessed tragedies that no one should have to live through.

As a result of children fleeing Myanmar to escape war and constant fighting, Joni and Nangsar Morse established the Kae Noi Orphanage. This facility exists in the remote foothills of northern Thailand, approximately ten miles from the Myanmar border. Children who have lost their parents, or whose families have been impacted by extreme poverty and despair, may seek shelter, safety, support and resources at the Kae Noi Orphanage. A majority of families in rural village areas throughout northern Thailand experience extreme poverty, resulting in inadequate nutrition and an inability to access education or medical care without outside support. For this reason, many children are brought to the orphanage as parents or extended families are unable to provide sufficient care. 

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Today, the Kae Noi Orphanage has capacity to house sixty children with a vision that all children remain connected to their origin families (if feasible) and return home when care has been restored. Child sponsorship and general donation funds to GROW Thailand not only gives children a safe home, but also a place to openly grow their relationship with Jesus Christ, and the ability and structure to go to and stay in school.

We took the months of August and September to send finances to this amazing group of people in an effort to help them purchase a vehicle for the orphanage! We are honored to come alongside them to bring encouragement in all they do, as well as to physically support the needs they have. Please pray for these selfless momma’s and papa’s as they nurture, guide and train up these young ones in the Lord as they become the next generation of influencers!

Out of the mouth of babes, comes hope …

“Since I’ve come to the Kae Noi orphanage, my life has changed so much from what it was growing up on the other side. I’m happy. I’m no longer afraid, and I have a future now. This orphanage is full of kids like me, but there are so many more back in Myanmar that do not have this privilege that I have here. I’m so thankful for this place.” ~Isamue


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