Books for Kenya

Having witnessed injustices, inequities and disparities to those burdened by poverty both in America and in Africa, Lance & Julie realized how important community development was. While doing work at a regional hospital in rural central Somalia, they fell in love with the people of Africa. They saw firsthand that basic needs such as clean water, safe sanitation, nutritious food, health-dental care, adequate shelter and education can be hard to come by in vulnerable communities. That experience burdened their hearts with the desire to empower people and transform communities.

With Community Development as their mission, Hope Without Borders was launched in 2007. They became actively involved in initiating, planning, designing, implementing and monitoring projects, whether in the US or abroad. Providing health care and skills training to individuals, refugees and families in need. Purposing to help individuals take ownership and ensuring the continuation of programs and projects that would bring about life-changing and sustainable success.

Learning new skills, technologies and capabilities allows someone to change their life and as they teach these new skills to someone else, it in turn, helps the entire community.

WHERE WE COME IN – BOOKS WITHOUT BORDERS is an ongoing project they established to help make it possible for kids and adults to receive or further their education. Reading is an important skill to develop as it opens numerous doors and allows children to explore the world around them. When adults can read, it provides the ability to gain new skills and trades which in return allows them to raise their family and provide well for them. Hope Without Borders has distributed close to 4000 books in the US and overseas.

THIS MONTH – we will be blessing Hope Without Borders with 150 new, Level 1 reading books! When I contacted them, they mentioned that this was the age group and reading level they were most in need of. This month it’s our privilege to provide reading materials to broaden and enhance a child’s learning ability and capacity to see greater things ahead!

“We pray that God will continue to open wide the doors and pathways that lay before Hope Without Borders. That God would grant wisdom and direction in every area of their ministry and in the lives of their families. That they would not grow weary but would be encouraged that God sees them and is overjoyed with all they continue to do to serve His people. We thank them for their obedience and consistency to move with the Lord, and pray that God would overwhelm them this year… that it may be their best year yet!”


Touching someone’s life that you will never meet is one of the most self-less gifts you could ever give. Bless someone today… JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!


Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and to participate in His vision to transform hearts, so that they may know Him! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others. It doesn’t take much… Join us today!