Sustainable Living Blessings


“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”. It’s a popular quote, an old adage they may say, but it’s the perfect way to explain this months’ blessing. Sustainable living gifts this time of year are one of my favorite blessings! They give people the tools, training, and supplies to care for themselves, their family and communities for years and generations to come. They provide a sense of well-being, pride, and confidence and a chance to transform their lives.

For December, we become the givers of lifetime opportunities! Through Samaritans Purse, we will be sowing into the following needs, while at the same time providing open doors for the gospel to be shared and for relationships to be built.

Human Trafficking – Today, millions of lives are being devoured by human traffickers who promise tempting jobs and educational opportunities, only to entrap vulnerable people into bondage, sweatshops, and unspeakable exploitation. One way to help people escape or avoid the snares of trafficking, is through vocational training. Training leads to genuine job opportunities, where workers develop their skills and proudly support their families.

Chickens provide eggs for both food & income.

Chickens – Some families would say that the best present they ever received was a brood of chickens! Baby chicks grow to lay hundreds of eggs every month. These eggs give families a rich source of protein, a steady source of income, and daily reminders of God’s faithfulness.

Goats & Diary – Impoverished families will enjoy the daily blessing of fresh milk through their new dairy goats! A nanny goat will yield a quart of milk a day, and a small herd will not only keep a family well-fed but also produce a surplus to sell at the local market.

Sheep & Wool – Oumarou said he always wanted to become a livestock farmer, “but I never had enough resources to buy even a single chicken.” His life changed when he was given three ewes to start a flock of sheep. “Today I proudly call myself a farmer,” he said. “My sheep have greatly multiplied, and I can now afford to buy enough food for my household during the lean season.”

Seedlings & Trees – The Ark of the Covenant was made of acacia wood, and acacia trees still bear witness to the Lord’s presence. The acacia is drought-resistant and produces seeds that can be ground into flour to supplement people’s diet. Families will be provided with seedlings to grow fruit trees and other perennial plants.

Tools, Seeds & Training for farmers

Farming Families – Saleh was a nomadic hunter-gatherer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo until loggers forced his family out of the forest. “Finding food was difficult,” he said. “Most of my children were weak and always sick. For the first time, I thank God that I now have my own field and garden.” We will supply seeds, tools, training, and other assistance for gardeners and farmers like Saleh.

Your heart of sacrifice will give people the means to provide a better life with steady food & income. Sustainable living increases the ability to thrive! Let’s help someone THRIVE this month!


Be a Blessing is a fun and fulfilling way to touch lives all across the globe! This movement provides the opportunity to impact various people and causes every month. Each gift is used to bring hope and love to hurting people, and to encourage organizations as they serve others. It takes 2 minutes to Be the Difference.

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