Partnering Together

Partner with us as we love on people!

More often than not, it takes far too long to move the plans of the Kingdom forward due to resources, volunteers, supplies, etc. Through this ministry, we are able to come alongside those who are doing great things that sometimes few people even see, and help them to develop and pursue God’s vision for the individuals they serve, all while showing the love of Christ. To do this, we each give $5 a month, collect everything that comes in and bless a gospel-centered non-profit by accelerating the work of their hands. Every month you will see your gift bless someone in a different situation than that of the month before. Some months it will be equipment, supplies or volunteers, some months it will be financial gifts, but EVERY month your gift will have unlimited influence both locally and internationally, and we will do more together than we could do apart.

This is just the beginning!

Our dreams are big and with your help we will make the difference! There are so many opportunities to be a blessing to others and be a part of impacting hundreds, if not eventually thousands, of lives. Please consider being a part of the difference we purpose to be… the lives we are transforming… and the fun we are having!