Dental Drive – for Papua New Guinea


June is Dental Blessing month! Last May I was in Papua New Guinea with a medical team. We treated people with everything from minor surgery to headaches, stomach infections and back pain. Everyone was so grateful for anything that we could do even though we wished we could do more. We made it through the line of people and in the process we handed out a few tubes of toothpaste. To my surprise after all had left, there were people still standing around kind of looking inside the clinic door. I remember hearing someone ask if they could help them and the guy pointed to the few tubes of toothpaste that we had sitting on the counter and said “Colgate?” I turned around and more were coming to the door all asking for toothpaste. 🙁

My heart was so moved at that moment with the realization that I’ve been cleaning my teeth since I was a toddler, going to the dentist every year, and buying toothpaste because it’s a normal thing of life. Here were these lovely, kind-hearted people who wanted to brush their teeth. My heart seriously sank.

That moment after 12 months still hasn’t left my memory and that’s why we need to send toothbrushes and toothpaste to PNG! It’s a simple tool, an easy expense, but a world of relief for them.

We’re doing a Dental Drive this month and I need you all to dig out those toothbrushes you get free at the dentist, even though you use an electric brush. You know who you are! I do it too… every time… because you just never know when you’ll need one, right? Well, we need them now… as many unused toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste as we can get. Ask your dentist, ask your family, ask your neighbors, share this post and let the word out. Let’s put those brushes and tubes to good use and bless the sweet people of Papua New Guinea with clean teeth!

We’ve set-up a drop off center at New Creation Church in North Mankato, MN for you to take your donations to or you can mail them to PO Box 1806, North Mankato, MN 56002. You can also click here to donate funds to help us purchase supplies in bulk from a wholesale dealer.

A friend will be going to PNG in July, so we will be sending our June blessing along with him.  Of course, we’ll get pics so you can see the joy you bring to their hearts… and their mouths!!

Donate for Dental!

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