Giving Tuesday – His Story



HIS STORY… Aresenio Olinda is excited and inquisitive, like most second-graders. But in other ways, his life isn’t like that of other 8-year-olds. His mother is dead, and he lives with his grandmother in a small village in Mozambique. His grandmother is poor and can’t support him on her own. With eight children to care for and no husband to provide an income, she has a full plate. She was given training and tools to raise chickens, and started building and stocking her own coop. A small flock can produce hundreds of eggs each year—supplying a poor family with an ongoing source of nutrition, plus eggs left over to sell. Since the birds require only 30 to 35 days to grow from the small yellow fluff balls to mature birds, they are ready for the market in no time. This new means of income has allowed her to provide not only food but also hygiene products, education and medical care for the children she supports.

Giving a Chick will enable impoverished families to start businesses, provide food and education, and change the mentality of poverty. On #GIVINGTUESDAY, November 29th, … Join BE A BLESSING  in giving someone new hope with the means of supporting themselves… through Sustainable Living Giving!

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