New Roof In Jamaica


ContentBlog_JamaicaDamage from a hurricane created a mess for a local individual who had no money to fix the house. We sent out a call for help and many of you responded with great generosity! Together we were able to provide the finances needed to fix the house and create a safe, dry place for the family to live. Here is the thank you we received from Gloria: “The ‘unexpected blessing’ was collected and things are being put in place for further work to begin right away! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! You are such a blessing! May God continue to use you to touch the lives of others – not just those in your immediate geographical location but also those around the world! May the favor of God rest upon you, your family and generations to come!! Please express my heart-felt gratitude to ALL those who contributed in any way, whether by prayers or monetarily in this venture.” A life touched. A heart impacted.

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