Faith & Food Distribution


The economies’ recent sharp decline is leading to an increase in the number of individuals experiencing food insecurity. Food banks are reporting increased demand, while facing operational challenges, including declines in volunteers and retail donations. Demand for charitable food assistance is expected to remain at elevated levels for the foreseeable future. Along with that, farmers are having to dump and destroy millions of pounds of food because of the disruption in our food chains and the lack of need caused by so many business and institutional closures. 1000’s of new people seek food assistance across the country every day.

Should unemployment and poverty increase to the level of the Great Recession, 9.9 million more people may experience food insecurity. In a more extreme scenario, the number of food-insecure individuals could rise by 17.1 million. (

As we see these unprecedented events occurring, we must never forget who our true source of supply is. Christ our Lord will always be our provider and sometimes He does so through the help and generosity of others.

We can’t always be there in person but we can be grateful for those who can!

May’s Blessing creates an opportunity for us to be a part of a local organization taking food-insecurity seriously. The Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf runs designated days of operation during the week and has started doing Drive-Through Produce Fairs during this unique time as well. Last weekend alone, they gave out 13,000 lbs. of fresh produce in roughly an hour. The increased need these past 6-8 weeks has been tremendous!

Some Items of Continual Need: Protein Products; Fruits and Vegetables; Boxed Meals and Special Diet foods; Staple foods like sugar, flours, coffee, oils; Garden produce; Infant formula, baby food, and diapers; Personal Hygiene products; and Cleaning supplies.

I’m always so grateful for how God gives us the opportunity to do what we can to bless others. We’ll be donating boxes full of Personal Products and Cleaning Supplies this month in order to help those whose budgets might be a bit tighter these days!


Touching someone’s life that you will never meet is one of the most self-less gifts you could ever give. Bless someone today… JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!


Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and to participate in His vision to transform hearts, so that they may know Him! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others. It doesn’t take much… Join us today!