Shelter of Warmth



December is generally a month where people are full of smiles, excitement and joy. Many spend hours in search of the perfect gift for loved ones to express how dear they are to us. Homes are filled with lights, decorations, feel-good movies, cozy nights by a fire as winter sets in, and Christmas cookies in the oven.

The reality of this season for many others can be quite different. Unexpected events turn lives upside down, circumstances create hardship and some find themselves looking for a safe place to sleep, a helping hand, and someone that shows they care. These individuals are just like everyone else but having found themselves without a home, they walk through a journey that most of us have not nor will ever experience. A friendly face, a safe bed and a warm blanket makes all the difference in giving hope to someone on a difficult journey.

During the month of November we were looking for a somewhat local organization where we could make a difference in the lives of those walking a homeless journey. Spending numerous hours in this search we were surprised at how few we actually found. Continuing to pray for God to open the right door, an advertisement came on the TV about a local church who chose to open their doors this winter to these individuals. Ahhhh… I knew right then that this was the place!

So, this month we are extending a hand to bless this organization in Mankato, Mn who has recently opened a Women & Children’s Shelter in their church building. They saw a need and felt it upon their hearts to do something about it. What better way to illustrate the meaning of Christmas then to provide hope, safety and warmth to people in a difficult circumstance. This act of love touches my heart so much! In chatting with them, they have come to realize the need for some on-hand supplies and small food items such as granola bars, fruit, nuts, toothbrushes/toothpaste, hygiene products, etc. We even thought of maybe a supply of new socks, gloves, or other warm accessory items. We are thrilled to partner with them through providing as many of these items as we can!

Every month, Be a Blessing partners with a gospel-centered organization to help spur the development and vision the Lord has laid upon their hearts. It’s a way for God to work through us, not only by blessing others, but also by sending us as an encouragement to illustrate that what they are doing matters. Please consider joining us with your $5 monthly gift as we bless others. We hope that you will become a part of a movement that bring us together to bless and encourage others. It’s YOU who Makes the Difference!


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