GROW Thailand, Kae Noi Orphanage


Insurgencies in Myanmar began shortly after the country, then known as Burma, gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. The ongoing conflict for the past 72 years has left a country and its people fleeing from war and destruction. Many children have lost their parents and loved ones and have witnessed tragedies that no one should have to live through.

As a result of children fleeing Myanmar to escape war and constant fighting, Joni and Nangsar Morse established the Kae Noi Orphanage. This facility exists in the remote foothills of northern Thailand, approximately ten miles from the Myanmar border. Children who have lost their parents, or whose families have been impacted by extreme poverty and despair, may seek shelter, safety, support and resources at the Kae Noi Orphanage. A majority of families in rural village areas throughout northern Thailand experience extreme poverty, resulting in inadequate nutrition and an inability to access education or medical care without outside support. For this reason, many children are brought to the orphanage as parents or extended families are unable to provide sufficient care. 

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Today, the Kae Noi Orphanage has capacity to house sixty children with a vision that all children remain connected to their origin families (if feasible) and return home when care has been restored. Child sponsorship and general donation funds to GROW Thailand not only gives children a safe home, but also a place to openly grow their relationship with Jesus Christ, and the ability and structure to go to and stay in school.

We took the months of August and September to send finances to this amazing group of people in an effort to help them purchase a vehicle for the orphanage! We are honored to come alongside them to bring encouragement in all they do, as well as to physically support the needs they have. Please pray for these selfless momma’s and papa’s as they nurture, guide and train up these young ones in the Lord as they become the next generation of influencers!

Out of the mouth of babes, comes hope …

“Since I’ve come to the Kae Noi orphanage, my life has changed so much from what it was growing up on the other side. I’m happy. I’m no longer afraid, and I have a future now. This orphanage is full of kids like me, but there are so many more back in Myanmar that do not have this privilege that I have here. I’m so thankful for this place.” ~Isamue


… if interested in Sponsoring a Child


Touching someone’s life that you will never meet is one of the most self-less gifts you could ever give. Bless someone today… JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and to participate in His vision to transform hearts, so that they may know Him! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others. It doesn’t take much… Join us today!

Doing Good Revives You


We spend our days caught in a time warp. Our buzzer goes off every morning and we’re off to the races trying to accomplish everything on our list. Attempting to keep it all together so none of the balls we are juggling fall out of line. We tend to be over-stressed and exhausted with no spare time to enrich our hearts and encourage our souls… let alone think about someone else!

God knew this human tendency. What’s even cooler is that God created us to be revived and encouraged by the act of serving others!! The common phrase ‘it’s better to give than to receive’ is based on scripture (Acts 20:35) and is actually backed up by scientific research. Reaching outside your world for someone else’s sake reduces stress, improves your emotional well-bring, and brings many physical benefits. Your mood changes, your self-esteem goes up and you just feel happier. God intended for this to be the case. He wanted us to be in-tune with other people because He is a God of relationship both toward Him and towards others. He didn’t intend for us to go through life’s hills and valleys by ourselves.

Benefits of doing good include:

Helping others feels good – it promotes positive physiological changes in the brain associated with happiness, it improves social support, leads to a more physically active lifestyle, and distracts us from our own problems.

Reduces isolation – People facing activities, such as volunteering, helps reduce loneliness and isolation.

Provides a new perspective – It allows us to see our own blessings as we stop focusing on what we feel we are missing and the stress it causes.

It’s contagious! – Acts of kindness have the potential to make our world a happier place.

Relieves stress – Positive emotions reduce stress, boosts our immune system, and keeps us relational minded.

Rids us of negativity – Kindness can help decrease feelings of anger and hostility, which can stabilize our overall health.

Help us live longer – Studies of older people show that those who give support to others live longer than those who don’t.

Benefits of helping others can last long after the act itself by providing a ‘kindness bank’ of memories that can be drawn upon in the future. You can help others by volunteering, mentoring, serving at your church, helping your neighbor, or getting involved with a good cause. It can be private, public, at work, at home, at the shopping mall, or at the drive through. Offering to get a co-worker a cup of coffee or bringing in breakfast can heighten your brain sensors and provide the start to a great day! This month we want to encourage all of us to intentionally think about ways we can reach out, big or small, to impact the people God has put around us.

As an organization, we’re going to get involved with a local community outreach by supplying them with Trapper Keepers for their backpack blessings. These bags will go to children of all ages who need a little bit of extra help getting the supplies they need to start another school year.

Thank you for all your prayers as we continue to bless others…. JUST BECAUSE WE CAN! 🙂



Each month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunity! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the world through established faith-based non-profits. We partner with His vision to transform hearts with the Gospel of Christ. Each donation brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others.

Medical Kits in Haiti


American’s have had much ado over the years regarding healthcare and medical ‘goods and bads’, so to speak. We have this opinion, that opinion, this statistic and that one. But, the reality is …. we HAVE medical care and there are certain regulations that prevent the turning away of patients in dire circumstances… not so in Haiti.

Haiti is a world without clinics and hospitals in every town… a world without medicine, without prenatal care, without pediatric medicine, or assistance for the elderly.  Children and adults die daily from fully preventable or treatable diseases like malaria, cholera, and tuberculosis.


  • Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.
  • Most Haitian people survive on $1 a day.
  • Haiti is the size of Maryland, but has double the population.
  • Haiti is less than 2 hours from Miami.
  • Poverty and devastation doesn’t prevent the people from praising God.

In the mountainous village of Montrouis, Haiti, there is no running water or electricity in homes. Water is retrieved from rivers with buckets and used for cooking, bathing, washing clothes, and drinking. Homes are made of cardboard, tar paper, and pieces of tin or plastic patched together. Medical care is a luxury but this month’s blessing, Life Connection Mission, does a great job at providing care both in clinics, as well as on the road through mobile medical units. Over the years they have provided care from basic clinic assistance to surgeries and life-saving procedures. The mobile medical trips are where we come in! We will be providing 33 medical kits for use in the field throughout the rural areas of the village. Giving much needed supplies as LCM volunteers head out to serve the people that are unable to reach the Montrouis clinic.

We’re so honored to be able to sow this little seed into an organization that has done so much, beyond just medical care, for the people of Haiti. May God continue to bless the hearts of those who serve in this ministry!

Check out their site for more information or to get involved:


Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! Striving to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and participating in His vision to transform hearts! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others.

Serving Seniors


They give more generously, donate the most volunteer time, have lived through some of the hardest economic times in the US, served their country unwaveringly, and contain enormous amounts of life wisdom. Our seniors are the heroes of our time and have paved the way for many of us to be where we are.

However, aging is not an easy road to walk and many times our seniors can eventually become the ‘forgotten ones’. Even in the best facilities, loneliness, anxiety and feelings of neglect are a primary cause of poor health among our older adults. No longer being able to choose what they want to eat, where they want to go, and many times what they want to do. This loss of freedom and independence can cause them to lose self-esteem, dignity, joy and love.

Jerry & Dorphia David

This months’ blessing devotes their time and energy giving back to our beloved seniors. Sharing the love and gospel of Christ to a segment of society who is nearing their time of departure. Matthew 20 illustrates that it’s never too late to know Christ and His plan of salvation, comfort and love.

Gentle Shepherd Ministries visits senior care facilities on a weekly basis where they provide one-on-one visits, church services, Bible studies, and grief support to those who struggle with despair, uselessness, or spiritual emptiness. They create a Christ-centered community and provide support, relationship and joy to many of them. The team of GSM reach 70 senior living communities, approximately 700 people a month, and has 70 volunteers ministering to the residents’ spiritual, emotional, and societal needs.

During the middle of last year, God had placed ‘seniors’ on my heart. I’m so pleased to bless this organization and be a part of what God is doing for our beloved elders.

Remember that one day; you will be a senior too 🙂 Lets’ show extra love and care!

God Bless your January, Sandy


Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We become a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits. We participate in His vision to transform hearts and bring them His love! Each gift brings hope to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others. We are blessed by blessing them!

We Got the News!


The news came in and our shoe box gifts were sent to 5 countries!! Click the links below to find out more about the kids we blessed for our November blessing!





Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and to participate in His vision to transform hearts, so that they may know Him! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others. GIVE A LITTLE BACK TODAY… BE BLESSED ALL YEAR LONG!

The Why. The What. The How.


One of my main goal’s this year was to ‘get out there’ more with the opportunity that Be a Blessing provides to everyone who wants to be used by God to help others. The joy of sharing in someone’s recovery, or building of their new sustainable business, or being a part of a life transformed by the love of God. It’s a privilege to come alongside so many amazing organizations all over the globe. To be used by God to encourage their hearts and tangibly support the work they do and the people they serve. What a super idea God had to gather all of us together to be His hands and feet directly where it counts! We are so blessed to be counted partners with God in what He is doing through individuals like you…. all over the place!

This year in a nutshell:

  1. This spring God opened the door for me to speak at a Christian Business Leaders organization
  2. He allowed us to finish our promotion video that share’s the story and heart behind the ‘why’ of Be a Blessing (see below)
  3. God opened the opportunity to be on TV in Colorado for foster care and adoption bags
  4. We’ve heard numerous stories from the leaders of these organizations of how getting our emails and support has encouraged them so much (after their surprise of who we were. 🙂 )
  5. Our information table went up at our Community event in August where I was able to share our vision with many
  6. October brings another new opportunity to be at a women’s conference with over 3,000 people where we will again be able to share our story and bring awareness to what God is doing through us all!

I just wanted to update you a little bit of what the year has been like, as well as ask you to pray for this conference on October 5-6th. I’m believing that God will move on the hearts of people there to want to join us in this new thing God is doing to support and encourage His vision for people to know His love and healing power. One thing I hear often is… “wow, I’ve never heard of a non-profit like this before”.  Yeah!… that excites my heart because God is always doing new things and that means we are in the midst of HIS new thing!

Check out our promo video and let me know what you think! I love you all and I sometimes can’t believe you have decided to join me in this venture, this opportunity to love on others…. JUST BECAUSE WE CAN! You inspire my heart more than you will ever know.


Blessings, Sandy

Nigerian Christians being Persecuted


All across America our land is filled with ranchers and farmers working hard every day to raise animals, grow food, produce textiles, provide employment, and care for their families. They celebrate holidays, they educate their kids, they attend gatherings, they help their neighbors, they support their country, they cry, they laugh, they do their best to live life peacefully and wholly. Now imagine hosts of attackers coming night after night to raid their land, steal their animals, burn their buildings and take their lives. Americans would be OUTRAGED!! Nothing would stop the people and the government from rising up and coming down hard on them and persecuting to the full extent of the law.

That’s normal… That’s right… That’s justice… we say. We defend our own, our land, our people because we have been given the blessing and the opportunity to do so.

This month’s blessing is facing this scenario and they can do nothing to fight back, nothing to stop it. It’s a horrific story of slaughter, mayhem, brutality and carnage against civilians just like us. People with jobs, families, homes, neighbors, churches… they are no different than us in humanity but completely different in justice and opportunity.

Nigeria is a huge country and the most populous in Africa – a nation of over 140 million people, predominantly Muslim in the north and Christian in the south. This persecution has been going on for years. Christians, especially, are being targeted and annihilated by the Islamist Fulani Herdsman in conjunction with Boko Haram in some areas. They are coming to steal their land and destroy their livelihoods. One report I recently read said that up to 6000 Christians have been killed just in 2018 alone, another one said 8000. Concentrated attacks are taking place in the Plateau State around the city of Jos.

Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi

The brother of a good friend of mine lives in Jos. He is the Anglican Bishop of Jos who I have met on a number of occasions and who was just recently here in Mankato, Mn. His wife runs an orphanage and has taken in countless numbers of children over the years. They have worked tirelessly to protect and give opportunity to the people and children around them. They’ve experienced over many years a level of trust in God that we can’t even possibly imagine in America. Their stories would break your heart. On June 29, his ranch too was raided and cows stolen in the night as one of the members of his congregation interrupted the rustlers and was killed.

This tragedy is happening all over the country and their Federal government is doing nothing to stop it… in fact, a number of news articles state that they are in agreement with the raids and of the Islamists. This is happening now in Nigeria, India, Pakistan and numerous other countries… but DO NOT be deceived… this is going to come to America! Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in 5 years but Islamists have been very clear for many years that their goal is to convert the world to their ideology or die. Look it up if you’re not aware because there are videos of these confessions all over the internet.

So… what do we do? That’s a tough question and the best answer I have is that we need to pray for our brothers and sisters but we also need to do something to help. If we don’t defend those being persecuted now, who will be left to defend us? We think we are safe, here in our ‘land of the free and home of the brave’… but will it always be like that? I don’t think so. There will come a time when the tide will change and we will face what millions of others have been facing for generations.

This month we are supporting Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi’s ministry. The conflict being faced is at his doorstep and in his community every day. Him and his wife are remarkable and have a mandate from God to serve and love people and help in every possible way. We want to do our part, however small it might be in the grand scheme, to show our support beyond just our prayers. Prayer is good, it’s needed, and I believe God hears and acts accordingly… but… God needs us to step up. Just like the song says… we ask God why he doesn’t do something and I think He responds to us by saying “I did… I created YOU!”

I encourage you to read the articles below and learn what’s happening… ask God ‘what can I do’?

Clergy Killed, Archbishop Kwashi’s Home Invaded

Jos killings are an attack on Christendom

6000 Christians killed by Islamic Herdsman

Help Protect Christians in NigeriaJoin us today!



Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and to participate in His vision to transform hearts, so that they may know Him! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others.

Being Missions Minded


June 2018 – Missions Month

Sorry there’s no video this month, time has just gotten away from me and if I wait any longer it will be July! I’ve been struggling a bit to find the right blessing that struck my heart. The ideas I’ve had were moved into other months, so I kept asking God for creative ideas and inspiration! I started running into individuals who were sending out updates on some missions trips they were embarking on this month. My thoughts were taken back to the many missions trips I took as a youth and how those times really impacted not only their lives but mine as well. The relationships I formed, the cultures I learned about, the love of Jesus I shared and especially how God opened my eyes to the lives and experiences of others.

Then all of a sudden it hit me… “We want the opportunity to give opportunities”, right? Why don’t we do that for the giver as well as the receiver? Missions trips are an amazing way to reach out to others as well as be touched and changed yourself. If you have never had the chance to join a team and head to another area to minister to others, I highly recommend it!! It will change your life.

I was hesitant as first for a number of reasons but God just kept saying, ‘Sandy, this is how I reach people, as well as how I call the hearts of those who respond’. So I said, okay, and determined that we would be able to donate to the 501c3 organization they are going with and designate our blessing to go to a certain person to help get them out on the mission field. This June is going to be called ‘Missions Month’! We have found 3 people that have been training, reading and diligently working in order to be effective to others as God has called them to go to their Samaria!

One is headed to Russia with an organization called Exodus Cry to reach out to those being trafficked during the World Cup soccer events. One is headed to Mexico to team up with others purposing to teach children about the love of God. The other will be ministering at an inner city church in Chicago for a week.

We are definitely putting our hands and feet and pocketbooks directly on the ground in these locations with a missions mindset! We are believing for God to mightily use them, not only as they go, but also to sow into how God will shape and form their desire to continue to serve the Lord and love on people into their futures!

Have a super blessed month and know that you are highly favored by the King of all things!! We love you guys!


Every month, Be a Blessing looks for opportunities to bring opportunities! We strive to be a part of what God is doing across the globe through established faith-based non-profits and to participate in His vision to transform hearts, so that they may know Him! Each gift brings hope and love to hurting people and encourages organizations as they serve others. Join us today!